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Jimaine Szardos
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Name: Jimaine Szardos/Amanda Sefton
Codename: Daytripper
Age: 18
Height: 5'6
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Soft gold
Appearance: There is something obviously "gypsy" about Jimaine with her light olive skin tone and perfect complexion, her eyes give her an almost exotic look and the blonde hair is a sign that she's not a normal gypsy, Jimaine dresses in a long sleeve white shirt and broom skirt that covers her ankles, bells and beads usually around her ankle, and waist, when in the "official world" she dresses like a normal teen of her age. Also noted is that Amanda has pointed ears at least slightly so and this is attested to her fairy blood. (her mother has horns and pointed ears as well as light green skin and slight fangs.)

Disposition: Shy to an extent though quiet, Jimaine is gentle in her nature, and utterly dedicated once she commits herself to something. Forgiving though sometimes quick to anger, Jimaine is your classical gypsy, mysterious at times and playful.

Known Superhuman Powers:

Known Powers
Magical Ability: Amanda Sefton is a practitioner of some form of the Faerie School of Magic. This means that her spells cannot affect cold iron or metallic constructs. Living beings that are partially mechanical or metallic (Colossus or the Reavers, for example) cause a lesser abilitiy to all her spell effects. Amanda has progressed beyond the Apprentice level, but she has not reached the next level of Mastery. She has access to the following spells all the time:

Personal Spells:
Flight: Amanda can cast this spell with , granting her flight at a maximum of sixty miles an hour

Nature Control (Water and Earth): Amanda can manipulate, move, and control up to two tons of earth or water ..

Universal Spells:
Teleportation: As the mutant ability
Shield-Individual: Protects against physical, energy and magical attacks.
Bands: Works sorta like a webbing but can bind someone.
Mystic Bolts: Eldritch Bolts, these are her primary abilitie to use.
Shape Shifting-Unlimited (Self and Others): This allows her to shape change other's and herself.


Jimaine is the daughter of Margali Szardos, the Gypsy sorceress who raised her own children, Jimaine and Stefan, alongside her adopted son Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler). After Kurt left the circus where Margali worked as a fortune-teller, both Margali and Jimaine heard that a "demon" had killed Stefan. Margali was certain that the "demon" was Kurt and held him responsible for her son's death.

Jimaine, however, believed there was more to the story and went to America to find Kurt and determine the truth. In America, Jimaine took on the identity of Amanda Sefton, became a flight attendant, and eventually began dating Kurt. She did not reveal her true identity to him, wanting to find out if he truly could have been responsible for her brother's death. Eventually she discovered that Kurt had killed Stefan in self-defense. Jimaine then brought together Kurt and Margali together, so that the latter could forgive her foster son. Amanda and Kurt share a romantic relationship.

Jimaine is very fond of the other members of the X-Men and doesn't seem to truely dislike anyone.